Our Professional Pilot Pathway program will take you from Private through CFI and into a flight instructor position with Skyborne.


Our Professional Pilot Pathway program will take you from Private through CFI and into a flight instructor position with Skyborne.

Our Professional Program

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Our Professional Pilot Pathway is a career development program that will take you from Private through CFI and into a flight instructor position with Skyborne before being placed with one of our esteemed Partner Airlines – United, SkyWest, Delta, American (Envoy) or Endeavour, plus more airlines to follow. Skyborne provides you the complete flexibility to be tagged for the airline of your choice from the outset, or leave that choice for later down the line. Our graduate placement team works with you during your training to identify the best option for you. If an airline is not what you want, then we have other career options such as Part 135 and Part 91, and of career flight instructor opportunities. This is a TRUE Professional Pilot Pathway.



Whether you have previous flying experience or none at all, with us, you’ll learn to fly the Skyborne way. Our unique training methods provide you with the knowledge, skill and professional development needed, to give you the best possible start to embark on a career as a professional pilot.

Our revered Professional Pilot Pathway is a quality, FAA 141 and Part 61 approved training program that delivers professional flight training using well proven airline focussed methodologies. Owing to the superior curriculum, facilities and resources offered on Skyborne’s Professional Pilot Pathway, you will complete your training in fewer hours, making for an efficient training pathway. With Skyborne, you’ll be working with the most talented and respected instructors in the industry. The training is delivered in an airline-focused way and in a professional and safe environment.

At Skyborne we understand the need to train you to highest possible standard in the safest and most efficient way, in the best facilities. We also want you to love your time with us.

All information about the training program, entry requirements, selection process, accommodation and pricing can be found below. Please contact us should you have any questions or want to learn more.


Once you are ready to apply, simply use one of the “Register Interest” links on this page. You will then be asked to provide some basic contact information that will be sent to a member of the Flight Training Advice team who will contact you directly to discuss your next steps.



The Skyborne Training Advice team will guide you through the areas outlined below and support you with any questions you might have along the way.

First, you must be at least 18 years old on the first day of flight school and hold a valid passport, U.S Permanent Resident or Green Card or for international candidates, be eligible to hold a M1 visa.


Applicants must possess an education level equivalent to a U.S. High School diploma or higher. Education not obtained in the U.S. or at an IBO school must be certified as equivalent to a U.S High School diploma. This can be done through a member of NACES at International education documents must be submitted in English or translated and certified.


A current and valid FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate is required before the commencement of training. For further details please visit or


You must be fluent in English – both written and spoken. As a guide, you must be proficient enough to achieve ICAO Level 4.


To meet regulatory requirements we will also require that you provide evidence: U.S birth certificate (as appropriate), valid U.S drivers license and proof of financial accountability and bank letters. You will also be required to obtain a FAA Student Pilot Certificate or IACRA information. Those applying as international students or U.S permanent residents will also be required to register with the TSA.


The Skyborne selection process is insightful and supportive. You will benefit from a fair and objective evaluation across a range of skills and qualities to be successful through flight training. We have a duty of care to you, protecting your investment and setting you up for success from the very beginning. There is no fee for the selection process. The process is straightforward and you will be guided by one of our expert assessors.

The Flight Training Advice team will discuss the entry criteria outlined above and send you a link to a short questionnaire that starts the application process. You will then be invited to complete a series of short assessments including that you can complete online from home at a time that is convenient for you.

We use the AON Pilot Assessment tool to help determine, whether or not you have the core competencies needed to successfully commence the Professional Pilot Pathway with us.

Successful candidates will then be invited to complete a 15 minute interview.

If successful, you will then be referred back to the Flight Training Advice team to plan your start date with Skyborne!

Click here to download a PDF information pack on the entire selection process.

Unlike most flight schools, we do not charge for selection.



Skyborne’s Professional Pilot Pathway guides you through every stage of training in a quality and time efficient manner. Your performance and progress is monitored and supported by our team ensuring you get the very best results and preparing you for the realities of your commercial career ahead.


The Professional Pilot Pathway combines both theoretical and practical learning at every phase, with regular progress checks and feedback opportunities. We accept applications year-round and courses are no larger than 20. Total course duration is 52 weeks and is broken down into 6 distinct phases as shown below:

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 1: Private Pilot Certification Course

Your training will start with your Private Pilot Certification. This will commence with 66 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and an FAA written exam. During the program you will complete a total of 45 hours flying the Piper Warrior, 5 hours of which will be solo! The blend of theory and practical flight training onsite allows you to master the fundamentals of flight, which serves as the foundation of aeronautical knowledge and skills that you will carry into the more advanced phases of training and throughout your entire flying career.

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 2: Commercial Foundation Stage 1

Primarily this phase consists of VFR solo time building and scheduled dual flights with instructor to build skills and proficiency from private pilot towards a commercial pilot level. Cross country flights are included as well as longer range navigation and night flying. This is a really exciting phase of the course that builds your confidence with solo flights all over the State of Florida and southern Georgia. You will gain an extensive amount of practical flying experience in this phase, with 21 hours dual and 50 hours of solo flying, plus 13 hours of simulator time in the AATD onsite device.

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 3: Instrument and Commercial Foundation 2

You will soon progress to the Instrument phase, where you will continue building on your commercial foundation and learn how to fly and navigate the aircraft solely by reference to instruments under instrument flight rules. 52 hours will be spent learning in the classroom, as well as extensive flight briefings. You will continue dual flying the Piper Warrior during this phase (30.4 hours) and also incorporate some simulator time on our AATD onsite device (24.5 hours).
As with your Private Pilot Course, there will be a written and practical exam to complete.

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 4: Commercial Single-Engine Certification Course

At this stage we return to VFR and consolidate all your commercial skills, knowledge and prepare for the commercial pilot certification. 48 hours of theory is completed at this stage of training, continually building on your previous knowledge and insight. During the Commercial phase you will complete significantly more flying hours on the Piper Warrior with 20 hours of dual and 50 hours of solo flying. More time on the simulator will also be completed (23.5 hours). You will also transition onto a new aircraft type during this stage of training – the more advanced retractable-gear single-engine Piper Arrow (20 hours). There is a written exam and practical exam in this phase of training to complete commercial certification.

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 5: Commercial Multi-Engine Certification Course

During this stage you will complete 15 hours of theoretical training and continuing to build your flying experience, this time on the twin-engine Piper Seminole G500 (19 hours). Further simulator time is also incorporated (7.5 hours). You will learn the handling characteristics of a twin-engine aircraft in both two engine and one engine inoperative flight. You will receive extensive training on both normal and abnormal procedures, which will enable you to properly operate a multi engine aircraft under both visual flight rules and instrument flight rules.

Vero Beach, FL

PHASE 6: Certified Flight Instructor

Initially you will complete 66 hours of ground school, two written exams, followed by 25 hours flying. Here you will learn the fundamentals of instruction, the psychology of how people learn and improve your own aeronautical knowledge level to that required of an instructor. The practical side of the training will teach you how to provide effective flight instruction both on the ground and in-flight, how to teach and demonstrate manoeuvres, how to analyse common trainee errors and how to correct them.



You will complete your training at our high-quality Vero Beach training facility, making use of our premium equipment and highly experienced instructor team. Our fair-weather climate means that it is always good time to join us!

Skyborne accommodation is included as standard in the course pricing.

For more information, please visit Accommodation Name‘s website.


The course price is $87,164 which includes accommodation for the duration of the course through to CFI, all ground and flight training and FAA tests.

CFI opportunities are offered based on merit and achievement. An ‘Assessment Board’ at the conclusion of your CFI training will determine your suitability to become a Skyborne Instructor, where you will be fully mentored by Skyborne’s experienced Flight Standards team through to 1500 hours total time.


Funding your professional flight training can be a challenge, which is why Skyborne has teamed up with America’s leading financial organizations – Sallie Mae and Meritize. You can fund your entire flight training with either of these organizations, sometimes without any need for a co-sign.

For full details about our funding partners click here.