Skyborne partners with the world’s leading airlines to provide high-quality training programs tailored directly to their needs.

Skyborne Airline Academy

At Skyborne, we’re committed to creating a variety of career pathways for aspiring pilots by forming partnerships with the world’s most reputable and trusted airlines. Our focus on quality and commitment to the best training standards sets us apart from most other training organisations. Regardless of which route you take with Skyborne, you will graduate well prepared and recognised by the airline industry.

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United’s Aviate Program in partnership with Skyborne, provides you with a clear career pathway to a position as a First Officer at United Airlines. If at the end of your Private you want to pursue a career with United, the Skyborne Careers Team will guide you through the process and assist you through the relevant assessments.

The Skyborne team is on hand to facilitate the onboarding and funding process with you.

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Skyborne has partnered with SkyWest; America’s leading regional airline, offering a bespoke career pathway for trainee pilots across several entry points. Train the Skyborne way through this exciting mentored airline program.

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Skyborne, official partners with Delta Air Lines, providing flight training for the Delta Propel Program, Delta’s pilot career pathway.

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JSX’s direct route to a First Officer on the Embraer 145

Skyborne is proud to partner with JSX, the charter jet service provider, to give experienced flight instructors the opportunity to progress their career as a First Officer on the Embraer 145.

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We’ve partnered with IndiGo, India’s leading passenger airline, to select, train and supply industry-ready pilots as part of a new IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program. This enables you to learn and train the Skyborne way before embarking on a career as an A320 First Officer with IndiGo.

Skyborne Airline Academy
Skyborne Airline Academy
Skyborne Airline Academy

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Our directors have unsurpassed experience across the commercial aviation, education and training sectors, meaning they understand exactly what it takes to help your career take off. We are committed to taking on the most capable cadets for our airline partners.

“An excellent set up, run by a highly experienced and motivated team, offering a relevant and focused training path towards entering commercial aviation.”

Ken Gillespie – Head of Training and Standards, Virgin Atlantic

“Skyborne provides new pilots with an exceptional opportunity to earn their certifications to become commercial aviators. We are very pleased to launch this premier partnership and to offer a unique pathway for Skyborne pilots to become professional pilots for SkyWest.”

Tracy Gallo, SkyWest SVP of Flight Operations

“We are thrilled to partner with Skyborne Airline Academy and are confident they will be an invaluable asset to Aviate due to their innovative approach to the aviation market, prestigious reputation and rigorous training. We look forward to welcoming more pilots to the United family through Skyborne.”

Captain Curtis Brunjes, Managing Director of Aviate & Pilot Strategy, United Airlines.

“Skyborne academy is devoted to providing complete training and operational experience focused on leading industry learning techniques and technology. The customized training pathway offered by Skyborne will give the cadets an edge over others.”

Ashim Mittra – Senior Vice President Flight Operations, IndiGo

“I have worked with the leadership team at Skyborne on numerous occasions over several years. The knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment they bring to this venture is unparalleled. I have also visited the facilities at Skyborne and know them to be first class and state of the art. The combination of excellent location, superb facilities and above all a committed, experienced and enthusiastic team should give any student real confidence in the quality of instruction and experience from which they will benefit.”

Dave Cox – Director of Flight Operations, Titan Airways