Delta Air Lines selects Skyborne Airline Academy as Propel program partner

Delta Air Lines selects Skyborne Airline Academy as Propel program partner

Skyborne Airline Academy is partnering with Delta Air Lines as a flight training provider for the Delta Propel Program, the airline’s pilot career pathway. Skyborne will train candidates from the Program’s Company Pathway through to commercial and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings, as part of their journey to becoming a First Officer.

To train at Skyborne, Delta Propel participants must be Delta employees who hold a Private Pilot License (PPL) certificate and have worked at the airline for more than three years. Applicants must undergo Delta’s selection process which includes an online Pilot Assessment, an in-person interview, and psychological testing. Following selection, trainees will receive a qualified job offer to become a Delta pilot. After flight instructing at Skyborne to ATP minimums and working 42 months or less at a Delta Connection carrier, Propel participants will transition to a pilot position at Delta.

Captain Ed Davidson, Managing Director, Skyborne, says: “Our partnership with Delta is founded in a shared value of excellence and the ambition to produce the highest standard of airline pilots in the world.

“At Skyborne, every aspect of our training is designed to prepare cadets for airline operations in terms of core knowledge and decision making, flight deck procedures and professionalism. Our team is looking forward to welcoming our first class of Delta Propel Program pilots as they embark on this exciting step in their career.”

Kelvin Mason, Manager of Pilot Outreach and Development, Delta Air Lines, says: “We are pleased to welcome Skyborne to the Delta Propel program as a flight school partner. Skyborne has the level of professionalism and training rigor we look for in our flight school partners. From Propel’s inception, the program has focused on identifying, selecting and developing the next generation of pilots. Skyborne will help us on that mission by providing top training for Propel participants.”

As a specialist in airline-focused training, Skyborne has established partnerships with several of the world’s leading air carriers. Skyborne cadets in the Delta Propel Program will train at Skyborne’s campus in Vero Beach, Florida, in single-engine Piper Warrior aircraft for approximately 10-11 months.

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