Meet Skyborne trainee John Cafaro

Introducing Skyborne trainee John Cafaro

Name: John Cafaro

Age: 39

Originally from: California

Skyborne Course: Private through CFII

Stage: Private Pilot


A bit about me:

“Unlike my fellow cadets, I’m starting my flight training slightly later in life. This is a big time change for me. I’ve been fortunate to follow my passions after college from Freelance Architectural photography to technical cave diving and instructing and underwater photography, with some retail experience between the gaps.

I have always looked towards the stars so when I decided it was time for a big change I first looked into enlisting in the Air Force, I wanted a career that would hold me accountable mentally and physically. When I learned I was too old for military flight training I chose the next most professional path to commercial aviation.

I did a lot of research when searching for the right flight school. Besides the dedication to making the best pilots, I wanted to live and breathe the culture, Skyborne Airline Academy’s on base accommodation and location cannot be beat. I want to learn the right way the first time around. As a technical diving instructor and avid CCR Cave diver I know how important proper training and checklist utilization is to developing muscle memory and good decision making.

My goal is to continue building my hours and experience. I would like to go to Alsaka to round out my training. Ultimately airlines or corporate flying will be in my future.

My advice for anyone considering a career in aviation is to stop thinking about it, stop YouTube flying and do it! No time like the present!”.