Skyborne Partners with SkyWest Airlines to launch Professional Pilot Pathway

Skyborne Partners with SkyWest Airlines to launch Professional Pilot Pathway

Vero Beach, Florida – September 28, 2021: Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach has partnered with SkyWest Airlines allowing student pilots to join their Professional Pilot Pathway. The partnership between Skyborne and SkyWest Airlines aims to provide a direct path for exceptional pilots to launch their commercial pilot career. As part of the pathway, student pilots have the opportunity to receive enhanced seniority, access to pilot mentors, and a qualified job offer with SkyWest – all while staying on campus.

The pathway offers a unique route to the flight deck, taking trainees with zero or little flying experience through a FAA Part 141 program to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). In addition, pilots already in training with other flight schools can join the program at various entry points.

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, Skyborne, says: “With our closely aligned values, we are extremely proud to be working with SkyWest Airlines, delivering a program that helps aspiring pilots realize their goals, and start this exciting career.

“In addition to receiving a Qualified Job Offer with SkyWest, trainees will benefit from Skyborne’s unique airline-focused approach to training in one of the United States’ flagship flight schools. You will be required to complete selection with Skyborne, and if successful, you will embark on a full-time Professional Pilot Pathway program through CFI. Your training performance will be reviewed by Skyborne and SkyWest and if you are selected to work for Skyborne as an instructor, SkyWest will fully fund your CFII and MEIR tuition, building hours and experience as you work toward your ATP certificate and the opportunity to become a first officer at SkyWest.”

Tracy Gallo, SVP Flight Operations, SkyWest, says: “We are pleased to announce this Professional Pilot Pathway with Skyborne Vero Beach. We enjoy a significant and sustained demand for talented pilots who want to be part of the SkyWest family, and we’re confident this innovative new program is an exceptional pathway to becoming a professional pilot for SkyWest Airlines.”

Due to Skyborne’s comprehensive selection process, trainees on the full SkyWest program (Private through CFI) will benefit from the unique Skyborne Guarantee, offering a complete refund of all fees after the Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) phase, if training after that point cannot be completed for proficiency reasons.

The first handpicked trainees will join Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach later this year, with courses commencing monthly. For entry requirements, please visit