Skyborne launches DGCA Distance Learning progamme

Skyborne launches DGCA Distance Learning progamme

Vero Beach, Florida – 23 August 2021: Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach is launching its Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Distance Learning programme, enabling trainees in India to remotely start their journey to becoming an airline pilot.

The theoretical knowledge package is offered through SKYWORX, Skyborne’s educational division. Trainees will complement 18 weeks of self-study with live tutor-led sessions from Skyborne’s experienced instructors using Padpilot technology, preparing them for their DGCA CPL theory exams.

Ian Cooper, Chief Operating Officer, Skyborne, says: “The Indian aviation market is significant, and we believe the country will continue to see a growing demand for well-trained pilots throughout Covid-19 recovery. Our SKYWORX DGCA Distance Learning programme enables trainees to stay one step ahead of their peers as airlines in India restart recruitment.

“We also aim to bring a human touch to remote learning through an interactive and accessible training package to give our trainees the best possible start to their aviation career.”

This is the second online offering from Skyborne after it launched its UKCAA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Distance Learning course in October 2020. The SKYWORX DGCA Distance Learning programme is recognised by airlines across India, including the country’s largest airline, IndiGo.

Ashim Mitra, Flight Operations Chief, IndiGo, says: “We have always been forward thinking and navigated towards training tools that are innovative and most effective in the arena of pilot training. The launch of SKYWORX is one such programme by Skyborne, which we believe will provide a high quality, standardised training platform required for our IndiGo cadets completing ground school.”

The SKYWORX DGCA Distance Learning programme consists of 15 weeks of online tutoring and self-study, followed by a 3-week exam preparation phase at Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy (CSKAA) in New Delhi. Upon completion of the final course exams, trainees can choose from a range of flight training options at Skyborne’s Vero Beach base in the United States.

About Skyborne Airline Academy

Skyborne Airline Academy is a modern airline training academy based at Gloucestershire Airport in the United Kingdom and Vero Beach in the United States. Established by industry experts, Skyborne brings a fresh approach to airline pilot training.

Founders Tom Misner (chairman), Lee Woodward (CEO) and Ian Cooper (COO) have unsurpassed experience in commercial aviation, education and training. It is their vision to create a training environment where the highest standard of teaching, safety and relevant airline-style training is maintained, and interactive learning is encouraged.

Using a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technology to assess competence, suitability, aptitude and resilience, Skyborne aims to recruit the very best candidates to minimise additional training, reduce failure rates and provide airlines with better pilots and cabin crew.

In January 2019, Skyborne was named as a leading training provider for IndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline.