Skyborne launches Skills Continuation Training

Skyborne launches Skills Continuation Training

Gloucestershire, UK – 18 March 2020: Skyborne Airline Academy is launching a Skills Continuation Training programme to support graduates in the event of delays in securing airline placements due to coronavirus.

The refresher training provides continuous support and mentoring by an experienced flight instructor and two hours of instructor-led training in Skyborne’s DA42 simulator every three months. Skyborne will also cover the cost and complete graduates’ first Instrument Rating (IR) revalidation (required one year after completing original IR). In addition, when a graduate is called for selection by a partner airline, Skyborne will provide selection preparation training, which includes 2 hours flight instruction in the B737 MAX simulator.

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, Skyborne, says:

“We want to ensure Skyborne is doing everything it can to help the aviation industry in this current uncertain phase. Only last week, we launched a package of support for former Flybe pilots to help them in their job search and to explore new possibilities in their aviation career. Our Skills Continuation Training policy is designed to support graduates by helping them to maintain their skills and keep them fully prepared for airline selection, which will resume. Trainees entering our Integrated ATPL course today will be supported until the end of 2022.

“At Skyborne, we’re proud to adopt a progressive continuous learning method, that ensures our cadets are always developing their talents and absorbing new skills from our vastly experienced instructors. We have also invested in state-of-the-art facilities and the newest technology, to allow the very best from our cadets. We want to reach out to those who are currently thinking of a career in aviation and ask them not to be deterred by the current climate. The aviation industry has seen several challenges in its long history, including the global financial crisis and SARS. Our industry is very resilient, and we will continue to nurture the next generation of airline pilots at Skyborne.”

In addition to the Skills Continuation Training, Skyborne has launched a package of support for former Flybe pilots. From 6th March, ex-Flybe pilots will be able to apply for a specialist Skyborne sponsored flight instructor programme. Those pursuing airline roles will alternatively be able to sign up to receive two hours of free time in Skyborne’s Boeing 737 MAX simulator, to prepare for the simulator assessment phase of any future job interview.

From 16th March to 16th June 2020, Skyborne is providing access to its Boeing 737 MAX simulator, free of charge to ex-Flybe pilots. Pilots will receive a one-hour briefing followed by two hours of flight training in the simulator; saving £650 from the regular rate.

To find out more information on the Skills Continuation Training, to apply for the Skyborne Sponsored Flight Instructor Programme, or to book time in the academy’s Boeing 737 MAX simulator, please email