APS MCC – boosting your career prospects

APS MCC – boosting your career prospects

One of our primary goals at Skyborne is to see our pilots work with the world’s leading airlines, using our world-class training standards and expertise to put them one step ahead of their peers. In other words, we’re in the business of boosting your career. Earlier this year, we launched the UK’s first Boeing 737 MAX APS MCC course.

The Skyborne APS MCC course builds upon the minimum requirements introduced by UKCAA, by delivering the highest standard of pilot training required for an APS MCC/MCC qualification whilst providing support, advice and a helping hand to secure your first airline position.

Brad Timmins, one of our first APS MCC graduates, says:

“The APS MCC at Skyborne is a very demanding, but rewarding course. Over the last three weeks I’ve gained all the necessary skills needed as a commercial airline pilot, putting into practise typical real-world scenarios in the UK’s first B737 MAX simulator. I cannot thank the instructors enough; the programme is very well-structured and they are always on hand to help wherever possible to ensure you get the most out of the course.”

We offer APS MCC not only as standard in our Integrated and Combined Modular programmes, but also as a standalone course, for pilots who have completed their CPL and MEIR elsewhere. This course takes three weeks to complete and includes 28 hours of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction and practical, scenario-based training, with 40 hours of simulator training in our brand-new B737 MAX simulator. This is double the regulatory requirement of 20 hours, giving students twice as much experience and training.

We look forward to training more APS MCC cadets at Skyborne in the coming months.